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TRS Travelright is an expert online service company dedicated to upholding every customer’s right to compensation after a travel delay, cancellation or denied boarding regardless of your means of transportation.



TRS Travelright Services was founded in 2013 by three travel enthusiasts. We had all experienced different situations where we had been seriously delayed, been denied boarding or had our flights cancelled and we grew tired of trying so hard to get compensated by the airline.

We realized that the process for an individual to claim back any money from the airline was both an extremely tedious and very complicated process with minimum chance of getting any money back, so we decided to do something about it.

Our initial idea was to create a company to minimize the difficulties that you as a passenger experience when trying to make a claim, adding all the legal expertise necessary to be able to process your claim successfully. TRS Travelright services was born.

The company today

Today TRS is a company with a claim system that can handle each case and drive it according to all the legal and operational requirements necessary.

We have also built our own legal expert-team and sourced some of Europe’s absolute top aviation lawyers to be able to both build strong and correct cases towards the airlines, but also to be able to support every passenger individually if necessary. We quality assure all our claims and will not take on any claim that is illegitimate or falls outside of EU regulation 261/2004.

By only claiming what is right by EU regulation 261, we have built an understanding of the claim process and streamlined it for the airline industry, enabling each claim to be processed faster.

If you have any questions about your delay or cancelled flight please feel free to send an email to our customer service team on:

We are here for your Travelrights!


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