Flight delay?
We will help you all the way to your compensation!

If you’ve experienced a travel delay, cancellation or have been denied boarding, you might be entitled to claim up to €600. We will help you get the money you are entitled to by law. And we don’t charge you anything if we’re not able to get compensation for you!

See how much money you are entitled to in just 20 seconds!

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This is how it works

We gather all information about your flight delay

Simply enter your travel details into our form and press the Send button. We will then cross-reference the information with our database and your travel company and start working on your case.

When necessary we will bring your case to court of justice

From here we do the rest; everything from the paperwork to the legal interactions. During the process we will regularly update you with emails about the status of your case.

The aircompany accepts your claim and you will get paid

Easy as that! We charge a fee of 30% (VAT included) on every successful case, but if your claim fails for any reason then you don’t have to pay us anything.

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Meet some of our happy customers

We were twelve hours late due to a technical problem after a week of vacation on Crete. When I unsuccessfully tried to search for some Ryanair contact information on the Internet, I stumbled upon Travelright who help lost passengers just like us. I easily filled out the form on their website with my travel details and they handled all the communications with the airline. The response from Travelright was very good and quick and I wish more people knew about their services.

Lena Karlsson

Company of 12 people, compensated with €4800 totally

Travelright helped us to settle out of court with a big budget airline company after a six hour delay without any compensation or vouchers. We received approximately 8000 SEK. We found the help from Travelright to be very good.

Emma Lindholm

Company of 2 people, compensated with €800 totally

Me, my wife and four friends were going on a vacation to the Canary Islands. We chose to fly with Ryanair from Västerås due to the low prices and comfortable departure times. The flight from Västerås was delayed several hours and we arrived in the middle of the night after a long taxi ride. The airline didn’t give us any reason as to why the flight was delayed. I’ve experienced similar problems before with Ryanair and know that they are impossible to communicate with. We immediately turned to Travelright and got 400 EUR per person minus the 30%. The best thing about Travelright’s service is that we don’t need to have any legal knowledge and we don’t risk ending up paying all the court costs ourselves.

Kent Flodén

Company of 6 people, compensated with €2400 totally

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